Custom Cut Foam And Dunlop Foam Products For Your Homes

About custom cut form

Custom cut foams are supplied to those customers who love their furniture and want to renovate their old furniture for reuse. You call foam supplier to provide foam for your furniture to cut and provide foam according to your requirement. These perfect foam suppliers measure your furniture and provide you with your specified cutting of foam according to your specification. They provide you with the best shape and size to make your furniture unique and elegant.

Different shapes of custom cut foam

  • Circle- These shape of foams are made in different sizes like big size of circle foam are used for circle shaped bed mattress and small-sized circle foams are used for the seats and back of dining chairs. 
  • Rectangle- This shape of foam is also used the same as a circle but it has some extra uses which include the seats and back of sofas. These are also used for benches which are used in the waiting rooms of offices, clinic and community to make the seat comfortable for sitting a long time.
  • L-shape- This shape is also used to make a bench for visited in visiting areas beside or in the corner side of a room. L-shape sofas are also made for drawing room and living rooms.
  • Back cushion- For this purpose foam is cut in a specific shape. Cushion covers are filled with foam. Sometimes small pieces are also used to make the back cushions.

About Dunlop foam

Dunlop foam has a wide variety of foam products. Their main product is mattresses which provide comfort and peaceful place for rest and sleep. It provides support to your backbone and makes you relaxed for a long time. Different type and range of mattress are available in Dunlop foams. Single and double bed mattress are two main special sizes which are hot selling product. People who love there sleeping area must prefer to buy Dunlop foam for their beds. These mattresses are suitable for all people no age limit is mattered. Their bedding accessories are also very unique in design and texture.

Dunlop foam suppliers

Many foam suppliers are available to meet your needs whether you are an individual and want to fulfil your domestic needs related to your home furniture or you are a supplier of foam to fulfil the order of furniture industry, you must look for a quality foam provider. AFD ALLFAB Upholstery supplies are the best suppliers of the foam product. We have a wide range of creative and unique designs in foam product. We take online orders to visit our website to contact us. We have a team of expert who checks the quality of foam and foam related products. We provide you with cheap foam cut to size products with best quality material. We have the best quality control system which ensures you high-quality foams in custom cut size, mattress, sofas and car or vehicle seats.