Learn The Interesting Facts About Merbau Decking

The merbau decking is made from the merbau timber which is the special kind of the timber located only in the tropical regions such as the Australia, Queensland and many other islands like India, Madagascar and others. The merbau timber is most commonly known for the decking but it has other applications as well such as in the manufacturing of the furniture, various kind of the musical instrument and the construction of the marine as well. The reason of the popularity of this kind of the decking is due to the many qualities of the merbau timber

You will see most of the carpenters choosing the merbau for the decking purposes. Some of the characteristics of this merbau decking is listed below

Why do people like the merbau for the decking purposes?

People go for the merbau decking because the appearance of the merbau hardwood decking in Melbourne is very appealing. The colour pallet of this wood is the range of the shades between orange, golden and brown. People add oil to this to create different darker and light shades based on what they like and how it goes with the entire interiors.

Learn the pro tip to protect the decking:

Although the important thing that you need to keep in mind is the amount and type of the oil that you use in the merbau decking since it is necessary to protect the decking and sealing it. There are majorly two kinds of the oils in the markets used for this, one has water base and the other is pure oil base. It is recommended to use the water base since the merbau already has plenty of natural oils in it.

Although depending on what type of oil do you use, the decking process time is determined since the water based oil will take a day to dry and settle whereas since the oils have qualities of penetrating in the wood therefore, these penetrate fast and give the merbau decking a more polished and refined look. Although depending on the texture of the wood which means that if it is dry then you could add the oil base. These oil then could also be used for achieving the shade of your choice which could be as lighter as you want and as dark as you want it to be.

A wide variety of the applications:

As mentioned earlier, the quality Merbau decking is the type of the wood which is only famous for decking purposes but this could also be used in the flooring, cladding and many other applications because of the reason that it much more durable and the installation of this is easy. Moreover, it is very much resistant to the insects.