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Flooring is necessary for the home. Flooring needs extra care while choosing. Best flooring can increase the value of a home. The floor has several advantages i.e. its increase value of the home. A beautiful floor can add thousands of dollars in home value. It also resists water and moist. Tile floors also make the home cool in summer and hot in winter. Tiles also save our environment. They make from recycle object and due to this; tile considers as eco- friendly floor.

Every home has a different type. Every floor does not suitable able for every place. Choosing a floor is also an art. Here some tips are enumerated to assist in choosing the perfect floor:

Tips for the perfect floor:

Ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles made from clay, glass and other hard material. They are hard in nature and fine in different types of colours and shapes. All tiles have a quality; all tiles are hard in nature.  Ceramic tiles are easy to clean quality and keep the bathroom and kitchen cool. Ceramic tiles available in different colours and shape; due to advance technology it is now available in different virtual patterns. Some floor tiles look like wood but in reality, they are ceramic tile. For most places, ceramic tiles are the best choice.

Marble floor:

The marble floor is also the best floor. It is durable in nature and easy clean quality. Marble floors enhance house beauty and increase the value of the home. As like ceramic tile, these floors are also eco-friendly quality. They also found in different colours. Marble floor are the best choice in hot weather countries.


Laminate floors are easy to install over the existing floor. These floors can install easily and save money and time. It is easy to clean but requires little time to time maintenance. This floor is better than the original wooden floor and can bear wear and tear easily.

Travertine tile:

Travertine tiles are easy to clean and can resist water strain. These tiles are best in quality and good for bathroom and kitchen. Floors that have leakage problems should install travertine tiles. A low cost and easy to clean tile with the best water-resistant ability.

Limestone flooring:

Limestone floor are easy to clean and maintenance quality. These floors resist mould and bacteria. Limestone floor is best for bathroom and outdoor space around the pool. These tiles get dirt very often. They can clean and maintain easily.

Flooring plays a crucial part in making home valuable able. Every home and even different parts of the home need different types of flooring. Some parts of the home need limestone flooring, some needs marble flooring and some floors tiles. The floor plays important to resist water and other unusual leakages.

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