Uses For Multi Grips Pliers

multi grips

Locking pliers are used for locking or unlocking any kind of instrument or vehicle or machinery that are used as a tool. In others words, lowers are used for many purposes like locking, tightening or loosing of any part of the whole machine or vehicle. Multi grips are used in many place of the pliers and wrenches where it could get fixed. They have capacities or are built in a way that they could change or adjust their sizes accordingly so that they could get adjusted anywhere at any part of the pliers and wrenches.

More about locking pliers:

The first ever locking player was invented in 1924 by William Petersen who was a blacksmith. He also used to work with multi grips along with these locking pliers as they work with each other. In fact it is easy to work with or to use pliers along with multi grips. They are collectively called as multi grips pliers. They can be used when you are using carby cleaner in order to clean the carburettor, and also when using brake parts cleaner when cleaning it.

How it works?

Multi grips pliers (pliers having multi grips) along with them can be worked more efficiently than ever before. All the pliers whether they are locking pliers or multi grips plier, work on same principle, they have:

  • There is a screw present in the backside if he player which is used to adjust the size and spacing between the jaws of that tool. You may take only a few seconds to adjust the desired size of the player with which you want to hold anything or any tool. Once the thing is grips into its jaws then the tool could be removed or displayed or rotated from its original position.

Uses of multi grips pliers:

  • This type of multi grips pliers are used by the welders to hold the welded thing in its right position or place so that he could work in it perfectly. All lock pliers and well as multi grips pliers are used for locking and unlocking purposes equally with a slight difference.
  • Multi grips pliers are used for holding purposes whenever you find it difficult to hold a thing in its place like when you are working with heat or if you are working with the carby cleaner to clean carburettor or when using brake parts cleaner when cleaning these parts if there brake.
  • You can also use multi grips or rivnut tools whenever you want to remove the staples, nails and other fixed items on anything.
  • Along with rivnut tools, they can also use for extracting bolts and round buts from the machinery. They can also be used for fastening these bolts as well.
  • You can use them for broken knob of anything or replacing the never when it is required.

They can be used for pitching off pipes and tubes as well. For more information visit our website: